Anti Flag выпустили новое LP

Дата публикации: 21 Декабря 2015 г. // Автор: // Источник: Страница группы
Anti Flag выпустили новое LP

Группа Anti Flag порадовала своих фанатов новым LP 'Cease Fires'.

01. "Coward In My Veins"

02. "The New Jim Crow"

03. "Kill The Rich (Re-Recorded)"

04. "Twenty Years Of Hell (Re-Recorded)"

05. "The Consumer's Song (Re-Recorded)"

06. "Bring Out Your Dead (Re-Recorded)"

07. "Mumia's Song (Re-Recorded)"

08. "Wake Up (Re-Recorded)"

09. "The W-T-O- Kills Farmers (Re-Recorded)"

10. "No Future (Re-Recorded)"

11. "The Ink And The Quill (Be Afraid) (Re-Recorded)"

12. "The Great Depression (Re-Recorded)"

13. "The Ghosts Of Alexandria (Re-Recorded)"

14. "Close My Eye"

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